July 23, 2024

Mozell Hillard

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How Your Cultural Worldview Can Make You a Better Traveler


Your cultural worldview can be a valuable asset when traveling. Many of us are familiar with the cliché of the “ugly American,” a person who travels to another country and behaves obnoxiously, but we don’t often think about how this applies to people who aren’t American at all. We’re all guilty of seeing the world through our own cultural lens sometimes, and there’s nothing wrong with that—except when it prevents us from being aware enough to notice how other people live their lives differently than we do. If you want to make your next trip easier and more enjoyable, learn as much as possible about the culture of where you’re going before embarking on your journey:

How Your Cultural Worldview Can Make You a Better Traveler

The importance of getting to know a culture.

Culture is the way of life, a set of shared values and beliefs. It’s also a way of thinking and behaving that’s learned–but it can also be taught. Culture isn’t static; it evolves over time as new generations come along to shape their own unique version of it. But even though cultures are constantly changing, there are some basic similarities between them: all human beings have certain needs for security and belonging; all societies have rules for how we interact with each other; all humans have rituals for celebrating birthdays or holidays together; all groups have traditions that mark their history together (Halloween costumes? Thanksgiving turkey?).

If you want to understand another culture deeply enough so that you don’t accidentally offend someone by saying something offensive (or worse), then getting acquainted with its most important values will help ensure your travels go smoothly!

How cultural awareness can help you navigate new cities and countries.

  • How to get around a new city.
  • How to ask for directions and avoid getting lost.
  • How to order food in a restaurant.
  • How to be polite and respectful of local customs.

Some practical ways that being culturally aware can help you travel better.

  • You can ask for directions in the local language.
  • You can get around a new city with confidence, knowing that you’re using the most efficient routes and best modes of transportation.
  • You know how to make friends with locals, whether it’s by striking up a conversation or just being friendly at bars and restaurants.
  • You know how to be an excellent guest in someone’s home country by following their customs (e.g., not leaving food on your plate). This will make them feel more comfortable around you and may even help cement friendships!
  • And finally: no matter where you go or what happens while traveling abroad…you’ll never be lost in translation again!

Being culturally aware is important when traveling, but it’s also helpful just in everyday life!

Cultural awareness is important when traveling, but it’s also helpful just in everyday life!

  • Cultural awareness helps you navigate new cities and countries. You can find your way around easier because you know that people from different cultures have different ways of doing things, such as paying for things or making friends. For example, if someone approaches you on the street asking for directions, they may be trying to sell something instead of asking for help (like in America).
  • Cultural awareness helps build rapport with people. If someone has a different cultural background than yours, knowing their customs can help ease tensions and make them feel more comfortable around you so they’ll be more likely to open up about themselves or share information that might benefit you later down the road–like where they’re from originally!


If you’re looking for a new way to travel, or just want to be more aware of other cultures, I hope this article has helped you out. Traveling is an incredible way to learn about new places and people, but being culturally aware can also help in everyday life!